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Shinefinity Zero Lift

SHINEFINITY hair glaze will help you achieve a long-lasting color glaze with ZERO lift and ZERO damage, staying true-to-tone even on porous hair for up to 6 weeks. Featuring balanced pH technology, SHINEFINITY color glaze for hair provides the perfect balance of color and healthy-looking shine.

• Zero lift, zero silicones, zero damage, zero alcohols, zero ammonia, zero direct dyes and zero parabens

• Up to 250% shinier hair*

• Up to 50% smoother and softer hair**

• 1 SHINEFINITY tube sold every 10 seconds in the world

• True-to-tone reliable color results

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*Versus untreated bleached hair. **Instrumental testing vs. our regular demi.
1. Wella company is a member of the International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety

2. Hair previously highlighted.
3. Highlighted hair then glaze with SHINEFINITY 09/61


Shinefinity Top Tips
Shinefinity Top Tips

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SHINEFINITY Color Glaze Frequently Asked Questions

No, other developers do not include balanced pH technology and will compromise the color results significantly.
Bottle activator is ideal for all applications at the basin whereas, Bowl and Brush is perfect for melts technique work.
Yes, using heat gives more intense results and is great when you want to blend away the first signs of grey hair.
Post color treatment is not needed when using SHINEFINITY as the pH will be acidic at the end of the processing.
For multi-processed hair use COLORMOTION+.


Up to 6 weeks Color Glaze

Long-lasting color glaze

Perfect balance of color and shine in a non-drip gel cream color glaze that lasts up to 6 weeks:
SHINEFINITY preserves the natural character of the hair for a healthy-looking shine and a silky hair feel.

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*Provided hair is washed 3x/week, instrumental testing.
*Standard application on pre-bleached level 6 hair.

Clean Formula

1. 95% Post-Consumer Recycled alu + 5% Post-Industry Recycled alu
2. 70% Post-Consumer Recycled cardboard + 15% Post-Industry Recycled cardboard
e.g. 96% Post-Consumer Recycled PP (polypropylene) + 4% color

100% Recycled Aluminum

Up to 6 weeks Color Glaze

Balanced pH technology

Balanced pH technology regulates the color pH level to controlled range throughout the coloring process, while protecting the integrity of the hair, which means ZERO lift and ZERO damage.

Check out our pH guide to
learn more about SHINEFINITY and why pH matters