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Step into a winter wonderland as we explore the top trending nail color shades of the season. From deep velvety blues, to soft metallics, sophisticated reds and chic cult classics - let your fingertips be the canvas for this seasons most coveted shades. Join us as we share the top, must-have looks and discover the perfect hue for your holidays.


Make an unforgettable statement this winter with the timeless allure of a sophisticated red. Choose from a handful of shades that will add a touch of glamour to your frosty days.
REBEL WITH A CLAUSE: Turns out Santa isn’t the only one who can rock red, and not just any red. This long-lasting nail polish shade in a classic red crème is on the top of everyone’s holiday list from the OPI Terribly Nice Holiday 2023 collection.
I’M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS: Step into the season with this vivacious chianti red, long wear nail polish and brighten up your look with the perfect amount of shimmer and shine.
BIG APPLE RED: Complete your winter look with this classic OPI shade and one of our all time favorites. A bright, shiny red, long wear nail polish, ready to take on the season.
BOGOTA BLACKBERRY: This rich, velvety hue adds a touch of opulence to your manicure with its berry deep, dark wine characteristics. A long wear nail polish that pairs seamlessly with the season's cozy textures and festive celebrations.


CHILL 'EM WITH KINDNESS: One thing's for sure, everyone will wanna bundle up with you this holiday season. This long-lasting nail polish shade in winter white has a shimmery lilac effect that'll leave 'em frozen in awe. Where there's a chill, there's a way.
LET'S SCROOGE: There's no time like the present to let loose and scrooge. Meet a shimmery teal that’s bah hum-fun. This long-lasting nail polish shade is equal parts playful and provocative for the ultimate season of fun. In fact, it’s so good, you’ll wanna bring it home for the holidays just to see what sort of trouble you can get into.
PEPPERMINT BARK AND BITE: A sugar rush with major bite. This shimmery forest green shade is a major food group this holiday season. Bake it or leave it. It's totally mint to make jaws drop. And hey, this long-lasting nail polish shade might land you on the naughty AND nice list.


SUZI TAKES A SOUND BATH: Let the positive vibes of this healing blue shade wash over you. This deep azure long-lasting nail polish is all about spiritual harmony and the perfect hue for a peaceful winter season.
SHAKING MY SUGARPLUMS: Put visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads with this beautiful vivid lavender. This long-lasting nail polish shade has a metallic finish that makes it a lil sweet, a lil baddie, but full-on attention-grabbing. Get out there and show 'em how you groove to the beat of your own drum.
ANGELS FLIGHT TO STARRY NIGHTS: Fly into the season with this holographic sky-blue long-lasting nail polish. This bright, trans-seasonal hue will bring your manicure from fall to winter and lighten up your look.
MIDNIGHT MANTRA: Get carried away by the night sky with this deep blue shade. This almost-black nail polish provides infinite inspiration with a touch of style. The perfect shade for a winter to remember.


SALTY SWEET NOTHINGS: This fierce gold and cream metallic is salty, sweet, and everything in between. Talk about the best of both worlds. What's shine is yours this holiday season. Express your look with this stunning hue.
PUT ON SOMETHING ICE: Play it coooool and impress friends, fam, and secret santas by slipping into something sparkly. This lilac shimmer will give ’em something to talk about. Polish nails with this iridescent glitter for a long-lasting nail polish look that's fancy and full of seasonal fun.
YAY OR NEIGH: Whether you’re party-hoppin’ or couch-ploppin’, you and your mani deserve the very best. Enter. This. Shade. The answer to all your polish dreams. A grey and gold metallic long-lasting nail polish that will help you slay the holidays.
FIVE GOLDEN FLINGS: This long-lasting nail polish is a metallic gold that will have you flirting your way from one party to the next. The perfect shimmer for your winter fingertips, ready to take on the season with shine.


BUBBLE BATH: The perfect neutral for any season. When in doubt, reach for a classic hue, and one of our all-time favorites. A sweet and soft candy pink, long wear nail polish, with just the right amount of shine.
FUNNY BUNNY: Check out this soft white, long wear nail polish that's irresistibly sweet and the perfect shade for the season. Another classic hue and timeless salon favorite.
LET’S BE FRIENDS: This cotton-candy pink, long lasting nail polish might just be your new best friend. Pair this pink with your favorite winter looks and show off your fingertips with this soft chic hue.

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