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#PROTIPS with Wella Signature Artist Jessica Stranieri

Discover industry secrets and PROTIPS from your favorite salon professionals. This week we spotlight Wella Professionals Signature Artist, Jessica Stranieri @jessica.wella. Jessica is a North American Wella Professionals Signature Artist, traveling throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions to inspire and educate through craft mastery and expert product knowledge. Based in New Jersey, Jessica has nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, where she developed a diverse skill set ranging from salon business management to education facilitation. She specializes in haircutting and leads delivery of the Wella Cut Expert certification journey, alongside her Signature Artist team at the Wella Studios.
WHAT is your favorite Wella Company STYLING product? My favorite styling product is Sebastian Professional Dark Oil and Dark Oil Silkening Mist.
WHY is it your favorite? Dark Oil is my favorite styling product because it nourishes the hair from the inside out without ever weighing it down! I love Sebastian Professional Silkening Mist as a workable finishing spray to add lightweight shine.
HOW do YOU like to use it? I like to layer Sebastian Professional Dark Oil in the hair after applying a liquid product (usually either Sebastian No.Breaker or Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue) to help prep the hair for cutting & styling.
WHAT is your favorite Wella Company HAIRCOLOR product (overall line, family or specific shade)? My favorite haircolor line within the Wella Company portfolio is Wella Professionals Shinefinity.
WHY is it your favorite? I absolutely love the spreadability of Shinefinity, in addition to the modern shade palette.
HOW do YOU like to use it? When I am looking for enhanced tonal results or added depth I like to apply Shinefinity to dry hair.
WHAT is your favorite Wella Company HAIRCARE product? My favorite haircare product is the Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Collection.
WHY is it your favorite? I love how the Ultimate Repair Shampoo lathers and leaves the hair very clean, while the Ultimate Repair Conditioner and Miracle Hair Rescue treatment provide lightweight moisture, intense repair, and exceptional smoothness.
HOW do YOU like to use it? I like to apply Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue prior to detangling. Not only does it help the comb glide through the hair, by the time I am finished combing, the 90 seconds is up and I can follow up with my desired styling regimen.
EXTRA CREDIT: One #PROTIP you would love to share with other Salon Professionals: Never stop learning! Now more than ever we have so much education at our fingertips and I truly believe that growth comes from being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Our industry is ever-evolving and has so much to offer when it comes to perfecting our craft.

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