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Color Correction 101: Filling With Color Touch

Experience the ultimate solution for color correction with Wella Professionals Color Touch. Offering an extensive range of shades, gentle formulas and predictable color vibrancy, trust in Color Touch to deliver stunning salon results. Follow along as we explore a step by step guide to filling with Color Touch and how to confront the most challenging salon scenarios with confidence.


Wella Professionals Color Touch is a low maintenance, multi-dimensional, demi-permanent haircolor with a comprehensive and versatile portfolio to create high shine and stunning results. Color Touch is enriched with natural keratin and ammonia free, promoting artistic creativity and an extensive palette for all your color needs. Color Touch may be used in a variety of salon techniques ranging from tonal transformations, color corrections, balancing, neutralizing and enhancing color results.
HOW TO MIX: Combine Wella Professionals Color Touch + Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% (6 volume) or Color Touch Emulsion 4% (13 volume) in a 1:2 Mixing Ratio. Process for 15 minutes with heat or 20 minutes, without heat. Select the developer based on the desired end result. For color deposit, correction, glazes and toning applications, reach for Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% (6 volume). If a subtle brightening, lightening gray coverage or increased vibrancy is desired, select Color Touch Emulsion 4% (13 volume). The alkaline demi-permanent characteristics of Wella Professionals Color Touch delivers the ultimate tool for color creativity behind the chair.


Wella Professionals Color Touch demi-permanent haircolor is the perfect salon tool for a variety of color correction scenarios: "too light", "too dark", "too warm" or "too cool".
When hair is "too light" and the target level is more than two levels darker than the starting level, filling the hair is recommended. Fill with Wella Professionals Color Touch to ensure even saturation and balanced color results.
STEP 1: Evaluate the starting level and select the correct fill formula based on target end result. Consider hair porosity and density when formulating.
STEP 2: Mix (1) part Wella Professionals Color Touch Shade + (2) parts Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% (6 volume).
STEP 3: Apply custom Color Touch formula to pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair. Develop up to twenty minutes.
STEP 4: Rinse Color Touch formula until the water runs clear, towel-dry.
STEP 5: Apply (1) part Color Touch "target shade" formula + (2) parts Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% (6 volume) and develop for up to twenty minutes. Consider the desired "reflect" in your final result: warm, natural or cool. Formulate accordingly.
Level 9
1 1/2 oz. 0/00 + 1/2 oz. 9/3
+Apply Target Shade
Level 8
1 oz. 9/3 + 1 oz. 0/00
+Apply Target Shade
Level 7
2 oz. 9/3
+Apply Target Shade
Level 6
1 1/2 oz. 9/3 + 1 oz. 6/4
+Apply Target Shade
Level 5
1 oz. 9/3 + 1 oz. 6/4
+Apply Target Shade
Level 4
1/2 oz. 9/3 + 1/2 oz. 6/4 + 1 oz. 6/77
+Apply Target Shade
Level 3
1 oz. 6/4 + 1 oz. 6/77
+Apply Target Shade
Level 2
2 oz. 6/77
+Apply Target Shade
*Note: This is a guideline chart for Color Touch Filling Techniques, all recipes are a guideline only and should be adjusted depending on hair porosity and desired target shade.


Manage salon time and client expectations with every color correction. Take salon guests on a step by step journey, sharing the "why" behind each process and trust the process with Wella Professionals Color Touch to deliver professional color results, every time. Happy Coloring!

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